Carbon Brush Holder

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  1. AC Motor Brush Holder

    DC Motor Brush Holder is applicable in mining, metallurgy, plastic, aerospace, marine, forklifts and elevator industry. These holders grip the brushes to allow them to work properly. These are easily installable and rugged in design. These make contact with the movable surface and help in the smooth operation. Before supplying, we check our holders on a number of parameters like holder spacing, holder angle, holder length, spring pressure and electrical contacts. Our brush holders comfortably comply with the market standards.
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  2. Motor Carbon Brush Holder

    Motor Carbon Brush Holder is used to hold the carbon brush in the correct position. In order to avoid the intricacy in the manufacture of these components, we use highly technological machines. Their tolerance power is appreciably good and the construction is rugged. As such, our holders are highly demanded in the market. Besides, these also comply with the standards set in the market. We have designed them to be corrosion resistant so as to ensure their long service life.
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  3. Electrical Carbon Brush Holders

    Electrical Carbon Brush Holders are ideally designed by us to be used in slow or fast moving applications. Our holders are noticed for the best electrical performance. These are also appreciated for low or negligible wear rates. We design these holders in custom sizes to fit multiple user applications. Besides, constant force springs are also present in these holders to improve brush performance using proper spring pressure.
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  4. Carbon Brush

    Carbon Brush manufactured by us is used to transmit electrical current from static to rotating parts of various motor-based machines. As such, these find great application in electronic industry. These brushes have the capability to ensure spark-free commutation of the electric current. We have also incorporated anti electromagnetic interference for reducing the level of noise generated. These are heavy load bearing components that ensure proper functioning of the motors in various devices.
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  5. High Current Brush Holders

    Our High Current Brush Holders are primarily used in automobiles, motorized devices and other household appliances. These are used to cover the carbon brushes to ensure their longer service life and minimal damage. We offer these brush holders in several dimensions and specifications for varied user purposes. The carbon brushes offered by us provide additional brush life. Besides, we also provide a convenient adjustability of height in our brushes.
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  6. Carbon Brush Holder

    Carbon Brush Holder is an electrical part used in power stations and manufacturing plants. These are suitable for maintaining the position of carbon brushes in certain mechanical components. We use best quality raw materials to manufacture these so as to come up to a negligible wear-out. We take into account as ideal consolidation as possible to comply with the voltage drop and grating in the mechanical components. Our products are in concrete compliance to the industry standards.
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