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  1. Electrical Bushing

    We provide Electrical Bushing to the users in several specifications and designs. These are usually insulated and suitable for permitting the flow of electric current. This electric current thus passes through the grounded conducting barrier with the help of our bushings. Besides, these control the shape and strength of electric field. These also reduce electrical stresses in the insulating material. The rugged construction of design makes them suitable for use in handling multiple mechanical forces.
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  2. DC Motor Holders

    DC Motor Holders are suitable in various fields for stabilizing the motor performance at the time of usage. These can be used in electric and diesel locomotives, subways, trolleybuses, paper plants, cement plants, and plastic industry. Issues such as security level and durability are undertaken while its manufacturing by us. Before deploying in the market, we test our holders on a number of parameters like robustness, pressure handling and strength.
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  3. Current Collector Columns

    Current Collector Columns are ideal for electrical systems with high voltage and high amperage applications. The collector columns designed by us are effective in transferring electric and control signals in several electrical devices. To suit the precise needs of the clients, we have designed a wide range of variable specifications and designs of these columns. These have the least possible friction and are quite easy to install. Besides, the contact resistance with the machine parts is also low. As a result, the noise levels are decreased considerably.
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