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Slip Ring

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  1. Slip Ring Multi Ring

    Slip Ring Assemblies are used in electrical and mechanical industry on a large scale. These are suitable for use in equipments that require continuous rotation while transferring power from stationary to rotating structures. We provide smoothly finished and robustly designed slip rings for fast performance and optimal use of energy. These can be used in the rotary crane, rotary reclaimer, cable reeling drum, excavator, circular blenders and rotatory kilns. These have been checked on a number of parameters like durability, ease of installation and resistance to weather.
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  2. Electrical Slip Rings

    Electrical Slip Rings are extensively used in water treatment plants and electrical industry. We use fiberglass, copper or brass for their manufacture for better service life. These slip rings are simple to arrange and the lead time is quite fast. Ease of handling and installation add to the key features of these slip rings. We provide these slip rings to the clients only after checking out important parameters like durability and strength.
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  3. Water Treatment Plant Sliprings

    Water Treatment Plant Sliprings are manufactured using optimal grade steel and brass metals. This composition imparts a long life and high performance. Easy to install, our sliprings are smooth in finish and rugged in design. These sliprings are widely demanded in the water treatment plants for efficient transmission of electric signals from stationary to rotatory structure. We provide a wide variety of these sliprings depending upon the needs of the clients. Besides, our sliprings are rust free and easily affordable.
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  4. Open Sliprings

    Our Open Type Sliprings are in high demand in the mechanical and electrical industry. These can be used to improve the mechanical performance of various types of equipment used therein. We provide sliprings with long service life. Our sliprings are robustly designed for hassle-free functioning. Besides, these can be installed quite easily. We offer a reasonable rate of our sliprings, based on the specification and size used. These are designed to be wear-free for long.
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  5. Modular Slip Rings

    Our Modular Slip Rings are used in electrical and electronic industry. The modular shape of these slip rings allows for desirable load and signal/data channels. These are suitable for use in transmission of field bus signals like profi-bus and CAN open. We offer a wide range of compact-sized slip rings. We also take care of the durability as an important parameter. The rigidness in their structure imparts high performance to these slip rings. As such, these can handle up to 20 transmission channels including load, signal and field bus.
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  6. Motor sliprings

    Best quality matatial
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  7. Commutator Slip Rings

    Commutator Slip Rings are used in the devices that reverse the flow of direction of electric current. This is in accordance with the rotation of the motor. These are primarily used in electronic industry. As such, these slip rings reverse the wiring system synchronously. Made with quality in design, these are designed to last for long. A wide range of specifications and variations are offered by us to the clients.
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  8. Slip Ring Unit

    The Slip Ring Unit is a part of the electro-mechanical system used in mechanical and electrical purposes. These permit the transmission of electrical energy and power from stationary to non- stationary parts. These are quite compact in size that allows easy packaging and easy transportation. Besides, they possess high data transmission exchange capacity leading to high energy generation than the source. Before delivery and deployment in the market, every unit is perfectly tested so as to comply with the market standards and client needs.
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  9. Slip Rings

    Slip Rings are the electro-spare parts used in the electrical and electronic industry. These are suitably used to transfer energy from rotating shaft of the turbine to the stationary part. Our slip rings consume less grease and thus incorporate low maintenance costs. These slip rings can run smoothly for a long period of time up to about 100 million rotations of the shaft. These are quite easy to install without expert supervision.
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  10. Plate Type Slipring

    Our Plate Type Slipring allows proper transmission of power and electrical signals. These are most suitably required in the machines where rotation is required at the time of transmitting the signals. These sliprings also eliminate the possibility of damage prone wires and improve the mechanical performance. These slip rings have been designed to withstand high operating temperatures of the machines they are installed in. Lower maintenance cost is associated with these slip rings.
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  11. Slip Ring Drums

    Slip Ring Drums are used to replace the trolley line and serve as the mainstream solution for the mobile transmission areas. These are widely used in the areas of robotics, instrumentation and packaging equipments. These are generally suitable for the cables with frequent changes in their specifications. The structure of the drum is comfortable so as to simplify the replacement at the time of need. These drums are quite easy to install without the need of experts.
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  12. Rotating Electrical Slip Rings Connectors

    Rotating Electrical Slip Rings Connectors are used in semi-conductor production, wind turbines, industrial automation and directional drilling. These offer long lasting and high-quality rotary transmission of electrical signal and power. We offer modular design to fit specific needs of the clients, quick lead time and adaptable mounting options. We also offer the ring connectors with rapid response and provide a user-friendly design.
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  13. Epoxy Resin Slip Rings

    Our Epoxy Resin Slip Rings are used extensively in commercial and industrial applications. These are suitable to carry electrical current ideally in various equipments and systems. These have been precisely manufactured by our skilled set of experts. As such, these slip rings are quite reliable and durable. Their performance is also appreciable. These are very easy to install and work efficiently even in extreme fluctuations of weather and temperature. Their rigid design allows better efficiency.
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  14. Ac Motor Slip Rings

    Our AC Motor Slip Rings enable the transmission of electrical and power signals from stationary to rotating components. The equipments which require excessive, periodic or continuous rotation while transferring power highly make use of our slip rings. These simplify the rotation and improve the mechanical performance of the systems. Besides, the safety of the systems is also taken care of. These are checked in terms of torque so that the maintenance costs associated will be impacted.
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  15. Moulded Sliprings

    Moulded Sliprings are used in electrical and electronic industry. These are suitable for effective power transmission and circuit control in alternating current systems. These have been manufactured using fine quality raw materials with advanced technology. This ensures their long life. We offer accurate dimensions of these slip rings for variable applications. Parameter checking is done in order to comply with the set market standards and industrial norms.
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  16. Printing Machine Slip Ring

    Our Printing Machine Slip Ring is mainly used in presses, binding machines, plate-making machines and other auxiliary machinery. These are made from mercury slip rings to achieve high-end printing. As such the service life and the device performance are improved. We are aimed and committed to providing the ultimate quality or printing and designing. Thus, our slip rings have been wisely manufactured by our skilled experts.
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  17. Rotary Electrical Slip Rings

    Our Rotary Electrical Slip Rings can be used for rotating purposes. Our entire range of products is renowned for its dimensional accuracy, high performance and high reliability. We offer durable and low-cost slip rings which are quite compact in size. Such size makes their transportation easier. The maintenance costs associated are also minimized. The resistance generated by our slip rings is merely a few milliohms. You will never be disturbed by the level of noise created by our slip rings operation as they designed to be significantly low.
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  18. DMC Slip Rings

    Our DMC Slip Rings can be used to transmit electrical current and power from stationary sources to the rotating ones. As such, our slip rings find application in electro-mechanical systems where rotation for proper functioning is required. Their precise design with latest techniques improves the performance of the machines. These slip rings can withstand high temperatures without the machine being failed. These are robustly constructed and are quite easy to install.
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  19. Thimble Sliprings

    Our Thimble Sliprings are the precisely engineered components of the electrical and mechanical industry. These allow efficient and effective transmission of power and signal. We provide optimal accuracy, long service life and good connection quality to our clients. As such, the industry standards have complied. The rotating speed of these slip rings is high which improves the performance of the equipments in which they operate. We have taken into account the dimensional accuracy and anti-corrosive finish for customer’s satisfaction.
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  20. Slip Rings Columns

    Slip Rings Columns allow the flow of electricity and signals in the rotating devices. All the columns manufactured by us have a unique multi-contact patented brush gear. This allows the tailoring of the specifications of the columns for high voltage, high amperage and specialized applications. These columns generally perform well and require less maintenance. These are reliable, resistant to corrosion, flexible and compact in size. These add to the bundle of features of our columns and their high demand.
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  21. Motor Slip Rings

    Our Motor Slip Rings find a wide domain of usage areas. These are suitably used in defense, marine, energy, industrial and commercial applications. These can be used to transfer energy from stationary sources to the moving shafts. We have designed these with quality consciousness so that it may last long. We also provide a wide variety of sliprings for multiple applications in multiple areas. We keep pace with high-quality materials efficiently enriched with high technology.
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  22. Multi Slip Rings

    Our Multi Slip Rings are applied in cameras, robotics, rotary tables, military applications and radar antennas. These are used to transmit the power and signal from the stationary sources in the machines to the rotating parts. Their compact size helps in easy installation and transportation. We use high-grade metals and plastics to manufacture these rings. These can be used for power and signal transmission, signal transmission and electric transmissions.
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  23. Rotating Slip Ring Connectors

    Rotating Slip Ring Connectors are suitably used in heating elements, rotating antennas, testing and control devices. These are manufactured using high-quality raw materials and advanced technology. Our experts regularly survey these connectors to be manufactured in the best possible consideration. These connectors as manufactured by us have long service life. Besides, these are quite easy to install and get transported due to lightweight and compact size.
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  24. Open Unit Slip Rings

    Open Unit Slip Rings are used in various machine tools and industrial plants. These are suitable to transmit electrical signals and current in an efficient manner. We use premium quality metal alloys and advanced technology for their design. Our slip rings comply with international standards and industry norms. We provide a wide range of specifications in these slip rings based on the client needs and the domain for usage.
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